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‘7de Laan’ Star David Rees Hospitalized, Family Appeals for Financial Assistance

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Actor David Rees is in the hospital

Actor David Rees famous for playing Chris Welman in 7de Laan is hospitalised.

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According to Sunday World, the actor recently suffered a heart attack.

In a statement shared on Facebook, the family needs financial support in other to carter for his medical bills.

The soapie shared a crowdfunding page on Facebook and help is being solicited from South Africans.

“We come to you with a plea from the depths of our hearts. Actor David Rees, known for his unforgettable portrayal of Chris Welman in 7de Laan, has recently suffered a devastating heart attack.”

“This unforeseen event has left him in urgent need of a double bypass surgery, placing not only physical but also emotional and financial burdens upon him and his family.”

“In this moment, we cannot ignore the desperate situation his family now faces. The weight of overwhelming medical expenses has fallen upon their shoulders, hindering their ability to fully support David’s recovery.”

“Unfortunately David does not have medical aid, making this already daunting journey even more challenging. We humbly ask you, to extend a helping hand. No contribution is too small or too large; every act of generosity counts.”

“Your financial support will alleviate the immense strain on David’s family, providing them with the breathing room they so desperately need.”

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