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Amanda du-Pont Alleges That Jub Jub Raped Her While Her Sisters Were Present

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Amanda du-Pont Aborted Pregnancy for Jub Jub

Actress opens case of sexual assault

Amanda du-Pont aborted pregnancy for Jub Jub

Amanda du-Pont reported to the police that her ex-boyfriend, Jub Jub raped her multiple times in front of her sisters.

The actress opened a case of sexual assault against the Uyajola 9/9 host, and the case has been postponed to November.

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In the statement submitted, Amanda claimed that Jub first raped her at her Auckland Park apartment in 2007, after she snubbed his sexual advances.

According to Sunday World, She said after the alleged rape incident, she bolted out of her apartment and blitzed into her male friend’s apartment and told him what happened. She said the friend asked her to pray with him because he did not know how to deal with her plight. Du-Pont said later on when she was walking back to her apartment, Jub Jub, who was swimming in a complex pool, laughed at her and said he told her he was going to get her.

She said in the same year (2007) her younger sister was sleeping on the floor of her apartment, while the other one, who was 11 years-old, was sharing the bed with her. She said Jub Jub, who was in the apartment, jumped onto her bed and raped her in the presence of her sisters.

Despite these rape incidents, du-Pont said in 2008 she and Jub Jub moved together into a house in Bassonia, south of Joburg, where they stayed for a while until he raped her again in the presence of his sister.

Amanda du-Pont further revealed that she conceived Jub’s child but aborted it.


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