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Bonang Matheba Discusses Rea Gopane’s Debt on a Monthly Basis, Throughout His Lifetime

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Bonang Matheba

Bonang Mathea reminds South Africans that Rea Gopane is still paying his monthly debt after Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo won legal case against Jackie Phamotse over cyberbullying.

In 2021, the media personality dragged Rea to court and won the case after he spilled false claims about her on his podcast.

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Rea was ordered to pay R300k ($19,238.99) for damages plus the legal costs of action.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Queen B reacted to the Kumalos’ and Jackie’s court case with, β€œWonderful!!!! Fvck around and find OUT!!!! Rea Gopane and friends. BURN!!!”

A fan asked Matheba about the debt, and she revealed that Rea still makes payment monthly, and he will keep at it till he settles his debt.

β€œEvery month. For the rest of his life. Until debt is settled. Life is wonderful,” she wrote.

She has no plan to forgive him till the full payment is made.

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