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Bonko Khoza and his wife joyfully announce the birth of their daughter

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Bonko Khoza and wife confirms arrival of their baby girl

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Bonko Khoza and his wife, Lesego welcomed the arrival of their baby girl three weeks ago.

The couple confirmed the arrival of their bundle of joy to TshishaLIVE.

Speaking to TshishaLIVE about parenting, the actor said, “It’s been good, and it’s been tiring, but nothing beyond my abilities. From an actor’s perspective, it’s the late nights, which I feel like I’ve been used to. You focus on the child. From an energy point of view, they feel when you are giving them everything you have.”

He further revealed that they’ve been supportive of each other in this new phase of parenting.

“It’s been a beautiful time, my wife and I are learning each other more now. I’m trying to support her as a mom, she’s trying to support me as a dad, and she’s an amazing mom so far. If anything that’s my biggest blessing,

“Lesego is really heaven-sent for me. I can’t even figure myself out. I was once suicidal which means I was sick of myself at a point. So she’s somebody who genuinely loves me every day and I love her so much. She’s absolutely amazing, and we’re having a good time with our daughter, learning parenthood, navigating parenthood, navigating our work, the balance of everything.”

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