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Comparison of Shekhinah and Elaine: Determining the Superior Artist

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Shekhinah compared with Elaine

Shekhinah and Elaine are South African vocalists who have created magic in the industry.

On Tuesday, social media users sparked a debate by comparing the two singers.

It is worth noting that Shekhinah has long-existed in the industry before Elaine’s breakthrough, however, we can’t act blind to their stunning vocals and deliveries on different songs.

However, it appears that Shekhinah won the debate as a majority of people voted her to be a better vocalist than Elain.

Who do you think is better? Check the comments below:

Definitely Shekinah – she revived South African Pop & has a very distinct sound that crosses colour lines. I think Elaine is talented in her own right, but she doesn’t give anything new/unique. Her song could come up now & be easily mistaken for any other R&B girl out right now,” a Twitter user wrote.

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