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Dineo Ranaka’s “S*x n Stuff” Podcast Renewed for Season 2, Confirms Host

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Dineo Ranaka’s podcast will return for season 2

Dineo Ranaka remains focused on the growth of her S*x n Stuff podcast as she announced that the production of season 2 has begun.

In July, while battling severe chronic depression and after being sacked from Kaya FM radio station, the star launched the podcast.

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“When we are supported we soar. Behind closed doors I have such a formidable support structure. Siblings, parents, my kids, my lover, my friends. They give me wings. Spanning the size of the biggest eagle you can ever imagine. Now when I include your support…?? My God, I feel super huma,” she wrote then.

“Thank you for holding and keeping space for me whilst my wings were being nursed. It’s all going to be an enjoyable journey of self discovery. Researching mental health matters through conversations about sexual health and pleasure. From where I’m sitting, life looks like a vacation doing what I love and taking you with me. I love and appreciate each of you.”

Over the past weekend, the first season of the podcast was wrapped up and she hosted a mini-party to celebrate.

Taking to social media on Sunday, she confirmed the season 2.

“Season 2 of #dineoonsexnstuff loading!!! Coming to you October 19,” Ranaka wrote.

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