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DJ Zan D asserts Okmalumkoolkat lacks lyrical prowess: Okmalumkoolkat’s response

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Okmalumkoolkat Offended by DJ Zan D’s Claim

DJ Zan D says Okmalumkoolkat isn’t a lyricist

DJ Zan D says Okmalumkoolkat isn’t a lyricist

Okmalumkoolkat is offended by DJ Zan D’s claim of not being a lyricist.

The DJ sparked controversy after listing his top 5 SA rappers, however, he explained to a Facebook user that Okmalum isn’t on the list because he isn’t a lyricist.

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“Probably the coolest rapper in the game. He defines the culture, I have so much respect for him but my list is more about lyricists.”

The rapper found the statement offensive as he shared a screenshot of the statement on his Instagram account and asked people to reveal what it takes to be a luricist in SA.

“I never cared about top bani-bani lists but I think now I kinda understand who gets on those lists and who doesn’t. I am a scholar of Hip Hop and Rap and from what I understand about rhythm and poetry, the main thing is originality and reliability. I cover both by miles compared to my peers. So I would like to know from the comments below. What makes a dope lyricist in a South African context since we are in Msawawa?”

Priddy Ugly, Zingah, Sjava, and many other music artists dropped their take in the comment.

Taking to the comment, Zan D tried to set the record straight.

“I admit, I could have phrased that differently. After replying to about 30 people I was a little tired. I respect you lyrically hence I said “you define the culture”. I should have just ended there,” he wrote.

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