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Gospel Singer Kholeka Responds Fearlessly to Death Threats

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Kholeka Dubula reacts to death threat

South African gospel singer Kholeka Dubula is not afraid of death threats, but she’s set to teach the person sending the threats a lesson.

Speaking to Sunday World, the star says she lives a peaceful life and doesn’t have enemies who seek her death.

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“I work in an industry that is peaceful and my life is about the ministry. I do not have enemies that want to kill me. This person is taking chances and I want to teach them a lesson,” she said.

Khokeka admits that the country is not safe but she believes that the person sending the threats wants to scam her.

“South Africa is not safe; I believe that this person’s plan was to scam me. But I did not give them a chance. When he said he was outside my house and he was going to shoot, I told him to shoot because I do not fear death. Everything about my life is the will of God.”

She talked about the late AKA who was shot and killed in Durban.

“We all saw what happened to AKA and for people to subject artists to this kind of treatment is unfair.

“I was monitoring these calls and I have taken the person’s number. I will go to the police and open a case because the number can be traced. They probably think this is a joke, I want to teach this person a lesson. They will never do this to anyone else,” she added.

“I did not do anything wrong to anyone and I do not owe anyone anything. The holy spirit has given me boldness in this case and I am not made from the spirit of fear.”

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