How To treat your hunger healthy

Are you hungry again? You are not alone Many people suffer from certain desires and appetite problems, resulting in hormonal changes and premature syndrome, lack of sleep, stress or emotional trauma, boredom and many other causes.

And regardless of our lofty intentions, a strong sense of hunger strikes is usually enough to dispel strong intentions.

“Civilization, as it is called, is just two meals of chaos,” said creator Dr. Dice Michael Moseley. “Being hungry is undoubtedly the strongest stress out there, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people don’t spend the first few weeks on a diet.”

Finding the root cause of hunger can go a long way in overcoming it. But there is a catch. “Appetite comes from very different emotions,” says Dr. Norton, which means you have a lot of problems.

Great news Consultants agree that motivation (feeling happy eating more than being hungry) is key to long-term success, which is why it is at the heart of the weight loss plan.

Says Dr. Louvin: “The sensation of the stimulus found in the body by a mixture of signals begins when one eats or drinks, and when it enters the intestine and is digested and Is absorbed. ”

Why is hunger?

To promote the need for a food center in the brain, when the stomach is empty, appetite increases, the “hormone” produced in the stomach increases, which makes the stomach feel irritated. However, Gillian’s limitations will be affected by different ingredients, reminding her of her lack of sleep or emotional state. In fact, many women admit to feeling hungry when they are really bored.

“Losing your appetite or eating sugar is reducing your emotions,” says Norton. Having a limited food and diary every week unsafe, along with a recording of all the drinks you eat, will help you see if safe feelings or actions have stopped you from feeling safe. ۔ Once you recognize a hyperlink, you can plan unhelpful ways to deal with those feelings, remind them of the train or, on the one hand, your food. Get rewarded.Another reason you may be hungry is when you are not normal.

“Your brain can also tell if you’re hungry for lunch, if you’re really hungry,” says Norton. “But our bodies are not constantly fed: our cave-dwelling ancestors do not get immediate food, as we do, which shows that a lot of people are in our true signs of hunger. Do not join. ” ہہ۔ ”

How can you report that you are very hungry when your body wants food for gas? “If you’re really hungry,” says Dr. Norton, “you’ll probably enjoy healthy foods like vegetables, fish and brown rice.” Otherwise, you will need rich, fatty foods that are good for the brain. These will also be effective when you eat large meals. ”

The best way to control your appetite is to eat well. “Our environment pushes us toward weight problems. Doctor,” Science can push us back again, “says Moseley.” To lose weight, we need to know how to feel fuller. ” Is …

Keep hydrated

“When you’re not getting enough water, you’re going to be thirsty, you’re going to have torpedoes, and maybe you’re going to be hungry,” says Moseley. “Drinking plenty of water will help you recover.”

Don’t face fat all the time

“To avoid weight gain, mono and polyunsaturated fats restrict dietary intake, gradually reducing the rate of emptying the stomach and taking time to complete,” says Dr. Moseley. In which Dr. Dice Mosley. “Choose olive oil, nuts and blue fish.”

Fiber filling

“Fiber causes the release of a chemical called PYY, which reduces the need for food,” says Moily. Add fresh vegetables (especially greens), unprocessed beans and nuts to your plate. ”

Eat extra protein and eat it first

“Increasing the amount of protein in your weight loss plan (such as lean meat) will really help you feel extra happy,” says Moseley. “Eating protein at breakfast raises the level of the amino acid tyrosine, which can help control sugar cravings.”

Junk food witch

“Processed foods give you sugar quickly, which is adopted by gout, so you can get more.” Pack a lunch to see an example of this when you’re away from home.

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Do you know?

Dr. Levine says that the longest-digested foods make you feel for a long time that “you can eat six oranges per second, while using six oranges will take longer and actually help you to the fullest Leave the clue. ”

Change your mindset

Dr. “I am hungry,” Norton says, enjoying the excitement over and over again, it makes the next few meals even stronger. “


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