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Jub Jub’s court case delayed

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Jub Jub at the Johannesburg Magistrate Court

Jub Jub will re-appear in court this November as his court case was postponed.

The TV personality whose real name is Molemo Maarohanye was accused of rape by an ex-lover who is revealed to be Amanda du-Pont, and she’s gone legal against him after coming public about it in 2021.

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It was disclosed that there are two other complaints from a singer and a radio presenter.

On Thursday, Jub appeared at the Johannesburg Magistrate Court, and his lawyer, Ntsako Baloyi requested for a lengthy postponement.

“We are ready to proceed… we need to consult and take proper instructions. We don’t want to postpone and then one postponement will lead to the other. Therefore we will request for a lengthy postponement to the 8th of November which we believe that by the time we come back, all avenues would have been exhausted and we will keep in touch with the state. I’m ensuring the court that when we return we will proceed,” Baloyi said.

“State prosecutor Agnes Bezuidenhout said she has furnished the defense with copies of the docket. “The state is ready to proceed to trial, however, we will not pose the lengthy postponement. The crime allegedly dates back to 2006 and he faces three counts of rape, two counts of attempted murder, and one count of assault,” Bezuidenhout said.

“The defence was given an opportunity to respond and their response was that they wanted to study the contents of the docket and decide if they wanted to proceed with the trial or they first want to exhaust mechanisms are available to them, one of them being lodging representations,” the NPA’s Phindi Mjonondwane said.

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