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K.O lambastes troll for assuming his favorite artists’ use of ghostwriters reflects on all artists

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K.O slams people who trolled him following his interview on The Sobering Podcast.

Some Twitter users took some of his utterances and used them against him, but the rapper didn’t hesitate to shut them down.

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A tweep accused him of stealing signees’ music and not opening the industry for them, which the Mr Cash Time frowned at.

“I’ve sacrificed my hard-earned money investing in artists and haven’t made it back yet, I hate losing money! Yet here I am doing this shit selflessly to this day! Fact check with the artists around me if I took anything of their sound since you know everything.”

The same tweep further said that some of K.O’s songs aren’t created by him.

“I’m not saying you didn’t sacrifice your hard-earned money investing in artists, I’m simply telling you that you don’t have the answers. An I can tell you rn that some of your music ain’t came up with you but it’s fine you don’t have to admit it to me,” the tweep wrote.

The Sete hitmaker replied the troll by attacking musicians who use ghostwriters.

“What you talking bout? Have you ever set foot in one of my recording sessions??? If your favs have ghostwriters doesn’t mean we all do. I personally source and at times co-produce my all the beats I’m on, write every rhyme I utter…. Y’all are hilarious,” he wrote.

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