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Lebo M Instructed to Surrender His American Passport

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American government revokes Lebo M’s US passport

Lebohang Morake, famously known as Lebo M has been asked to return his American passport.

The South African star has garnered a laudable amount of success for himself over the decades, and his talent gained him his American Green card under the Entertainment Arts category and an American passport.

According to ZiMoja, the American government sent The Lion King star a letter to return the passport and any other official documents.

The publication reports that Lebo’s green card and passport were revoked by the Consulate General of the USA because of debt.

The letter which was sent to him on the 11th of July, 2023 reads:

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“The US passport remains the property of the US Government and must be surrendered upon demand. You are requested to immediately return US passport number **** along with any other valid US passports issued to you, to the bearer of the letter. Any further use of a US passport is a felony.”

Meanwhile, it was further reported that Lebo sold all his shares in the Lion King production company that holds rights to his music catalogue and other rights for a reported R230 million cash settlement before tax in America and South Africa.

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