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Lira Shares Her Journey to Good Health After a Stroke in 2022: “I’m Incredibly Proud of Myself”

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Lerato Moipone Molapo famously known Lira spoke about her health as she recuperates from a stroke.

She was diagnosed with a stroke in 2022; it affected her health greatly, but she’s getting better with treatment and therapy.

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Taking to social media, the singer says she is proud of herself as she can speak, read and write.

“I’m so proud of myself. It’s been a year and 6 months since I had the stroke. The German doctors told me it would take this long for me to speak – not only am I speaking, but I’m reading and writing.

Lira further reflected on the various encounters she’s had over the past months.

“I did the 702 interview with @relebogile. I speak in front of audiences, I sang at the @rmb_cib Starlight Classics and I’m on the cover of @word_digitalmag and @balancedlifesa all while doing my best to take care of myself and do the work that it takes for me to recover.”

“Recovering from Aphasia takes time and patience. I don’t want to put myself under any sort of pressure and a few things overwhelm me but I’m getting stronger. I’ve been fascinated by my whole journey – how my mind works. It’s a privilege and a blessing to be alive to learn how to speak and read and write.”

The star expresses gratitude to her supporters .

“If you guys can help me practice my vernacular whenever you meet me in public 🫣- it’s still early stages but every bit of practice helps me! I’m so grateful and thankful to the messages of support and encouragement and love . I love you so much – thank you for believing in me. But all this wouldn’t happen if I didn’t believe in myself. I want to thank The Most High for giving me another chance at life.”

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