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Miss SA pageant deals with the consequences of Zozibini Tunzi’s departure

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Miss South Africa pageant addresses fallout allegations with Zozibini Tunzi, the former Miss Universe

Zozibini Tunzi’s clash with Miss SA addressed

Miss South Africa pageant has addressed fallout allegations with the former Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi.

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Zozi was crowned Miss SA 2019, and she’s been in business with the pageant over the past years till this August when she expressed her dissatisfaction with the organisers by unfollowing Miss SA’s official Instagram account and further removing the title from her bio.

The Miss Universe 2019 was part of the Crown Chasers reality show 2023 as a host, but she didn’t show up at the Miss SA finale, which got people talking.

According to Sunday World, the pageant said, “Zozibini Tunzi is an in-demand personality with a full schedule.”

“The Miss South Africa Organisation cannot speak to Ms Tunzi’s calendar nor social media activity, however, she is always welcomed and celebrated at any Miss South Africa event.”

“Ms Tunzi was invited as a VIP guest to attend the finale.”

Meanwhile, it was reported that the former Miss SA snubbed the pageant due to money issue.

It was said that she was made to pay for her dresses rocked for the reality show which she hosted.

“Ms Tunzi and her management entered into an agreement with the Miss SA Organisation in terms of which it was agreed that the compensation paid was inclusive of all fees and expenses,” the organisation aid.

“Furthermore in terms of the agreement entered into by both Ms Tunzi and her management, the parties acknowledged that the fee constituted full and reasonable compensation for services and material provided, and shall be inclusive of all fees and expenses to which Ms Tunzi may be entitled.

“Ms Tunzi’s management agency has been paid in full accordingly.”


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