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‘Nadia Nakai’s “Mass Country” Goes Platinum: A Celebration’

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Nadia Nakai celebrates ‘Mass Country’ going Platinum

Nadia Nakai celebrated ‘Mass Country‘ achieving platinum status as a tribute to her late lover, South African rapper Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes.

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The album has garnered enormous success, and its achievements continue to be a source of pride for the family members left behind, reports Fakazanews. Taking to social media, Nakai announced that the album has now been certified platinum. She marked the occasion with a series of sizzling photos, posing proudly with the platinum plaques.

It has been a few months since the tragic passing of Kiernan AKA Forbes. The rapper was shot and killed in Durban on 10 February. Since then, Nadia Nakai has been openly expressive about the profound hurt she feels at the loss of her beloved partner. Grieving the untimely death, she has found solace and comfort in the support of the Megacy (AKA’s devoted fanbase). Her own fans have also rallied behind her.

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Since Kiernan’s passing, Nadia Nakai has been navigating the slow and challenging healing process. She openly acknowledges that life has never been the same since his departure. Yet, she continues to cherish the memories they created together. In a touching moment, she expressed her longing for his presence and the hope that one day, they might be reunited.

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As she continues to heal and find strength, her fans, along with the Megacy, rally behind her with love and support. Especially during this challenging time. The impact of Kiernan’s legacy remains undeniable. His memory will forever live on through his music and the hearts of those who cherished him.

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