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Nasty C Unveils Upcoming Album with Release Date Announcement

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Nasty C announces new album and its release date while talking on Tall Racks Fan Channel’s YouTube page.

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The rapper says the project consists of 18 tracks and it will be out on the 25th of Augist.

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“Every time I make a sequence for this thing is so hard, like I ended up being in the 20s, I’m like nah boy I can’t even do 18,” he said. “But I might just budge for 18. I want to keep on like a tight 15, 16, and 17 the most.

“But I think I’m gonna do 18 because it’s like for the context of the album you know, and like I said this is one of those I want to need you guys to take your time with it and really listen to it from like top to bottom.”

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“I’ve submitted all my f*cking verses bruh. Now it’s like I just have to really be sure that the songs I’m leaving out, I’m not going to regret it,” he added.

Asides from the album, another project Nasty C is preparing for is the tour with Cassper Nyovest.

The rappers will be touring different African countries to perform together.

“Me & Cass been working on this amazing show & we can’t wait to bring it to you!! Which country you think will be the littest?? ”

Check out details about the tour below:

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