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Papa Penny criticizes DJ Bushida Coffee, stating “Don’t pretend to be an artist like Black Coffee”

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Papa Penny says DJ Bushida Coffee is disrespectful for remixing his song without consent

Papa Penny calls out Bushida Coffee for remixing his song, Hayi Ka Mina without permission.

The music legend addressed the saga in a video that has made rounds on social media.

“The DJs that don’t know how to sing stop playing with our minds. Bushida Coffee, stop [playing] my song Hayi Ka Mina Hee, that is my song,” Papa said.

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“Stop the rubbish you are doing. [If you want to use] anybody’s song, consult. Don’t be a fake artist. You cannot remix my song without asking me. You must do your own thing. Don’t play off my gift. Compose your own song, delete that nonsense, that rubbish now. Budaza Coffee, whatever!”

However, some social media users claimed Papa Penny was referring to Black Coffee due to the few similarities in the names.

A Twitter user claimed DJ Bushida has deleted the remix.

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