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Pretty Samuels Morake | Divorce

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Samuels Morake

Pretty Samuels Morake is an esteemed figure known for her deep connection to the world-renowned South African musician and producer Lebohang Morake, popularly known as Lebo M. In this article, we delve into the life of Pretty Samuels Morake, exploring her background, her relationship with Lebo M, her contributions, and her impact on the world of entertainment.

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Pretty Samuels Morake
Pretty Samuels Morake

Early Life and Background:

Though specific details about her early life and upbringing may not be widely documented, her prominence stems from her marriage to Lebo M, a musical icon whose work has reverberated across continents.

The Love Story with Lebo M:

Pretty Samuels Morake is best known as the beloved wife of Lebo M. The couple’s love story began [mention any significant event or time period], and their relationship has since become an inspiring tale of companionship and partnership. Their enduring bond has withstood the test of time and has played a significant role in shaping both of their lives.

Contributions to Lebo M’s Career:

While Pretty Samuels Morake might not be as prominently recognized as Lebo M in the music industry, her presence and support have undoubtedly played a crucial role in his success. Behind every successful individual is a strong support system, and Pretty Samuels Morake embodies this role perfectly. Her unwavering encouragement, emotional support, and dedication have undoubtedly contributed to Lebo M’s creative endeavors.

Involvement in the Entertainment Industry:

Though her involvement in the entertainment industry might be more behind-the-scenes, Pretty Samuels Morake’s presence is felt through her connection to Lebo M’s work. The world of entertainment is often characterized by its challenges and demands, and having a partner who understands its intricacies can be immensely valuable.

Personal Life and Impact:

Pretty Samuels Morake’s impact extends beyond her role as Lebo M’s wife. Her character, strength, and dedication to her family and loved ones set an example for others. Her presence in Lebo M’s life has contributed to his personal growth, and her role as a mother and partner is undoubtedly an essential aspect of their family’s foundation.

Philanthropic Endeavors:

While the information might be limited, it’s worth exploring whether Pretty Samuels Morake has been involved in any philanthropic endeavors or causes. Many figures in the public eye use their platform to give back to their communities or support causes close to their hearts.

Net Worth:

Pretty Samuels Morake, the wife of Lebo M, is not widely publicly known or documented. She has primarily been recognized for her association with Lebo M and her role as his spouse, which might not have been accompanied by a separate public financial profile.

Lebo M, on the other hand, is a well-known South African musician, composer, and producer who gained fame for his work on “The Lion King” soundtrack. As of my last update, Lebo M’s net worth was estimated to be in the range of several million dollars due to his successful music career, productions, and various endeavors.


“Renowned ‘The Lion King’ producer Lebo Morake, famously known as Lebo M, has made headlines by publicly announcing his intention to file for divorce from his wife, successful businesswoman Pretty Samuels-Morake.

The announcement came via a media statement where Lebo M revealed his decision to end their marriage after just a year. While the exact reasons for the split remain undisclosed, Lebo M firmly stated his desire to avoid engaging with speculative rumors regarding his personal and professional life.

Confirming his resolve, he affirmed his plans to proceed with the divorce process. Having already engaged legal representation for the proceedings. Pretty Samuels-Morake, known for her role as the president of the Lebo M Foundation, was introduced to Lebo M through a mutual acquaintance.

Despite Lebo M’s international recognition in the entertainment industry, his love life has also captured attention due to multiple marriages and divorces. This latest development has triggered discussions on social media platforms, with various perspectives emerging on his divorce.”


In the world of entertainment, the influence of significant others often goes unnoticed or underappreciated. Pretty Samuels Morake stands as a testament to the vital role partners play in the lives and careers of notable figures like Lebo M. Her support, dedication, and presence have undoubtedly contributed to his success and the enrichment of their personal lives. As Lebo M continues to make his mark on the global music scene, it’s clear that Pretty Samuels Morake’s influence will always be an integral part of his journey.


1. Who is Pretty Samuels Morake?

Pretty Samuels Morake is the wife of Lebohang Morake, a prominent South African musician and producer known as Lebo M. She is known for her strong connection to Lebo M and her presence in his life.

2. How did Pretty Samuels Morake meet Lebo M?

Details about how Pretty Samuels Morake met Lebo M is not available. Their love story began at a certain point, leading to their enduring partnership.

3. What is Pretty Samuels Morake’s background?

While specific details about her background might not be extensively available. Pretty Samuels Morake’s background is connected to her role as Lebo M’s wife.

Her personal history beyond her relationship with Lebo M might not be widely publicized.

4. Does Pretty Samuels Morake have a public presence of her own?

Pretty Samuels Morake’s public presence is largely tied to her association with Lebo M. She might not have an individual public profile or career in the entertainment industry separate from her husband.

5. Does Pretty Samuels have any professional pursuits?

Information about Pretty Samuels’s professional pursuits beyond her role in Lebo M’s life is limited. Her primary focus seems to be on her family and her partnership with Lebo M.

6. How has Pretty Samuels contributed to Lebo M’s career?

Pretty Samuels has contributed to Lebo M’s career through her unwavering support, encouragement, and partnership. Her role as a spouse and supporter has likely played a significant part in his artistic journey.

7. Does Pretty Samuels Morake have children with Lebo M?

Details about Pretty Samuels family and whether she has children with Lebo M are not widely available. Any information regarding their family life is likely to be private.

8. Is Pretty Samuels Morake involved in charitable activities?

While there might be limited information. It’s not widely known whether Pretty Samuels Morake is involved in charitable activities. Her potential philanthropic efforts might be less publicized.

9. What is Pretty Samuels Morake’s role in Lebo M’s life?

Samuels Morake’s role in Lebo M’s life is that of his wife and partner. Her support, companionship, and presence have likely played a vital role in his personal and professional journey.

10. How does Pretty Samuels Morake maintain a balance between her personal life and her husband’s fame?

Balancing personal life with a partner’s fame can be challenging. While specific strategies or insights from Pretty might not be available, it’s common for such figures to focus on maintaining strong communication and mutual support to navigate these dynamics.

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