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Priddy Ugly Responds to Rumors of Dissing 25k

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Priddy Ugly reportedly dissed 25k

Priddy Ugly reacts to rumors of dissing 25K on a song titled I Can Bet.

The song is owned by Tyson Sybateli, and it was said that Priddy went hard on the song.

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“Most y’all never been to jail or seen a court at least. Never seen a quarter key. Rappers spending money on they grill but they talk is cheap. Of course, we not buying all that gangster talk you often speak, please…” reads Priddy Ugly lyrics where he allegedly dissed 25.

The Hype revealed the diss on a video shared on YouTube, and a screenshot of the video was shared on Twitter.

Priddy saw the tweet and frowned against claims of dissing 25k with the song.


“When I said the listeners & fan bases are instigators & more toxic than the artists, this is exactly what I was talking about… A big part of the reason why the state of hip hop is where it’s at,” he wrote.

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