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Prince Kaybee: My Music Ain’t About the Money

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Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee says he doesn’t produce music to make money.

Over the past years, we’ve witnessed musicians’ desire to grow and enjoy the fruit of their labour; it is also blatant that many of them enjoy the money made from music.

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Some of these musicians have called out brands and individuals for not paying them after working on a music or musical project.

However, the case seems to be different for Kaybee as he claimed he’s grown past the level.

The DJ now makes music for his likeness.

“You mean I was producing music to make money, I’m gone gone now there’s no need to produce for money, I produce what I like,” he wrote.

Prince Kaybee also talked about artists who are highly opinionated about music.

“People are so opinionated nowadays you can’t even teach them new music. They have thought pieces about art, a full discourse sermonising why their taste is better. When do we learn from other people?”

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