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Reflecting on Her Healing Journey, Lira Shares Her Pride

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Lira updates fans on how she’s progressed 16 months after suffering a stroke

Lira reminisces on her healing journey 16 months after suffering a stroke.

Taking to Facebook, the singer shares with her followers how she’s been dealing with speech recovery.

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She can read, write, and say some words; she claims to be proud of herself.

“Today I found this list of words I could say.

I started this list from the end of April 2022. I would keep adding to the list whenever I learnt a new word. By the end of May I could say so many words I didn’t bother with adding to the list. I am reminded of how hard I had to work. I’m proud of myself. After 16 months I’m speaking about my stroke recovery journey to audiences, and I’m able to read and write this post. I’m so blessed.” she wrote.

“People have been asking me to share my story but I wasn’t ready because I couldn’t talk.

I wasn’t ready to speak in a conversation but now I’m ready and my speech impediment doesn’t bother me as it did before. I’m here to share my story,” Lira recently said during an interview with Relebogile Mabotja on The Upside of Failure on Radio 702

“Just to enjoy life.

I don’t take anything for granted. It has made me value life a bit more. When you have a stroke, it calms you from the stress of life. When I’m stressed, I can’t speak, so it is important for me to keep calm and peaceful.”

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