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SAPeople: A Must-Watch Netflix Series for South African Expats Feeling Homesick

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If you love being reminded of home, Netflix has a new show coming in September that is sure to entertain and re-connect you with life back in South Africa.

Netflix today dropped the official trailer for its new Young Adult series, Miseducation, which is set in South Africa and launches on 15 September 2023.

Netflix SA describes the show as “H for Hectic” and said in a press release today: “Going through the most is not for everyone. Mbali Hadebe (Buntu Petse) is determined to start afresh in a small university town when her mother is fingered for corruption, nullifying her IT girl status and sending her straight to the cancelled list. She is forced to think of a reinvention strategy… STAT!”

Unsubscribing from the drama in Johannesburg brings new challenges as Mbali quickly becomes the talk of Grahamstown University. Throw in a couple of misfit friends, Jay (Prev Reddy) and Natalie (Micaela Tucker), who can be swayed to do just about anything with the right amount of convincing, and a new campus crush – Sivu Levine (Lunga Shabalala) – and Mbali is on her way to retain her clout… or so she thinks.

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What Mbali doesn’t count on are her haters, who will stop at nothing to bring her right back down to earth. Cue ‘Comrade’ Caesar (Mpho Sebeng), long-standing (read old) SRC president and Raeesa (Nicole Bessick) – resident gossip girl – who stop at nothing to expose Mbali’s shady past. The series features veteran actresses Baby Cele and Camilla Waldman taking on roles as complicated mothers to Mbali and Sivu, respectively.

WATCH Miseducation Official Trailer – Netflix

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