Sindi Dlathu age, twin, children and net worth

There are some actresses in South Africa tv industry who have taken the country’s entertainment industry to another level. Sindi Dlathu is one of these actresses and social media celebrities. Sindi  is a very humble South African television star, best known for her role as Thandoz Mokona on the SABC2 daily South African soap Muhavango. She played the role from the show’s founding until her departure in 2018. Read on to learn more about her age, family, twin sister, husband, HV status, daughter, and career.Sindi Dlathu worth


Dlathu is one of the most favorite and hard-working TV stars. This is one of the reasons why she has been working in Muhavango for more than fifteen years. Her passion for acting began when she was a child, and she put a lot of effort into where she is now. Another thing we love the most about her is that she maintains a private life, even though she’s in the entertainment industry, where everyone watches her. Below are some details about him, which we think you don’t know.

Biography of Cindy Dalathu

Sindi Dalathu is one of the best South African actresses. As mentioned above, she became famous after featuring Muhavango in the South African soap opera, which airs on SABC 2. She also played the role of Thandaz Mokona and some movies / TV shows include Generation and Sarafina. Also, Dalathu is a musician and became a part of national competitions at the age of fifteen and won.

Sindi Dalathu age?

she is so beautiful and always looks fresh and young, we are sure you are asking the same question when Sindi  Dalathu was born. Sindi Dalathu was born in January 1974 in the Gauteng province of Johannesburg in the Soweto Medolands. Born in 1974,now in 2020 she is 46 years old.

Sindi Dihatu Early life and acting career

she started when at the age of 12, Sindi  participated in a talent competition called Eshel Road Fame. She did not win the competition but became one of the finalists. Later, her exposure during the concert earned her the mentorship of one of the members of the Mekhkanga band.

Three years later, Sindi  tried her luck again. She entered a national copy contest, where she recited “Let It Be” to Aretha Franklin to the beat of the Beatles and guess what! She won the competition. She participated in a national copycat challenge. This time, she tried to sing. She competed with “Let It Be” from the Beatles song. It inspires her to focus on the art industry.

She then went on to try out for Mbongeni Ngema’s play Sarafina and this gave her a role as a stand-in for the main character and then she performed in the United States (USA).While traveling with Sarafina, she met Randy Crawford, who asked her to stay and perform with her.

In 1997, she appeared in Duma Ka Ndlovu’s play Ka the Game. They were chosen as the Mekhakanga Band of South Africa. Butelezi in Ghumantazo “Thandazza” Muvehango. When she first play her role that was minor, however, she grew up and became one of the main characters very soon.

To further boost her career, Sindi Dlathu tried to audition for Mbogeni Nagima’s ‘Sarafina Play’. She became one of the few lucky contestants to be cast in the play. Her role was understandable to Sarafina. Dlathu was also lucky when he moved to the United States to make plays.Randy asks if he can live with him and act. This helped him build his career and reach for the stars.

In Muhavango, Sindi was cast as Ghumantazo “Thandazza” Butalezi. Being a veteran, his role in Muwango has gone from being a supporting character to one of the important members of the cast. His role in the play also helped build his fame.

Sindi Dalathu Family members

Sindi Dalathu was born in the Medowoland region of Soweto, as mentioned above. she is very lucky to have a twin sister. Sindi Dlathu’s twin sister name is Zanelle Sangweni. So far there are little details about Zanelle’s family. Her twin sister is married to Metomela, a businessman who deals in used cars in Soweto. Zanele Sangweni’s husband also owns a pawn shop.

Sindi Dlathu age, twin, children and net worth 2

On the other hand, the details of Sindi Dalathu’s family are kept more secret. She rarely gives any information about her family, but it is clear that she is the mother of two children. she is also married. her husband name is Okielant Nkosi. she make his most effort to keep her family away from social media and networks.

Sindi Dlathu husband

Sindi Dlathu earning report

Sindi Dlathu, the famous actress who plays Thandaza role on SABC2’s Muvhango , she was the most payed actress in that cost, she was paid about R85 000 per month that time.

Sindi Dlathu Movies & TV Shows list

  • Escape from Angola (1999)
  • Muvhango (2003- Present)
  • Married (2004)
  • Sarafina (1997-2007)
  • Generations (2010)
  • Ngempela (2015)


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