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Somizi’s Reaction to Julius Malema’s Prominent Presence at FNB Stadium: ‘I’m Not Okay’

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Somizi reacts to Julius Malema’s speech at the FNB stadium

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Somizi Mhlongo reacts to Julius Malema’s electrifying speech at the FNB stadium over the past weekend.

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The EFF political party celebrated its 10th year and the stadium was filled.

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The party leader, Julius gave a powerful speech that left both supporters and non-supporters emotional; some even testified to having goosebumps after watching him deliver the speech iconically.

In the video, Malema walked down to a plain that elevated him higher – more like a lift.

The event got people talking, including Somizi who said he was not okay after watching the video.

Som further accused Julius of stealing his idea which he intends to use when he becomes the first gay President of the world.

“I’m not okay guys. Did Julius just pull a Beyonce with that lift and, the special effect going up? Did Julius Malema just took my idea of my feet like a rat pulled under my feet because that’s the plan I had when I become President, the first openly gay president in the world, the President of South Africa, that’s my inauguration appearance,” Mhlongo said in the video.

“IM NOT OK. @julius.malema.sello @mbuyisenindlozi come to this side and explain,” he captioned post.

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