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“The 16th Bar” Concert: Kwesta Reflects on Success with Gratitude

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Kwesta, real name Senzo Mfundo Vilakaz expressed gratitude to everyone who ensured his concert, The 16th Bar was a success.

Senzo marks 16 years in the game as a rap star, and he did with the show which he hosted last weekend.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper penned down a lengthy note to appreciate his supporters, the artists who came for the show, the band, and every creative team who didn’t allow the show to become a flop.

Read the appreciation note below:

What do I even say? I’ve been here 16 years.. Been at the bottom, been in the middle, been at the top. With all the accolades I have, none means more to me than your hearts.. Some rapper once said.. “ Fcuk the charts, get their hearts cos the love is the only real treasure we own” On this night of #The16thBar 8 years after that line – You proved him right and gave me your hearts.. I can only hope I show you enough of mine. Thank you for everything.

To the artists that graced the stage.. To those that didn’t get to because of communication glitches.. To those that came and still stuck around even when we were running out of time.. Thank you and I love you for that sh*t.

I didn’t do this alone.. I mean did you hear the band? The brass piece? The strings? Did you see the lighting? The graphics? The BV’s? The choir? The dancers? The hosts? Geez bro!! Did you see that stage???

I didn’t do this alone.. Thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.. You guys know yourselves.. You soldiered for me and I love you for it.

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