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Viewers Insist on the Reinstatement of Xolani Khumalo’s Show on Sizokthola

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Xolani Khumalo

Sizokthola viewers are protesting for the return of Xolani Khumalo show.

The show which airs on Moja Love channel exposes drug dealers and corrupt government officials.

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However, the show is reportedly canned due to the death of one of the alleged drug dealers who was exposed on the show.

Moja LOVE spokesperson Nonzwakazi Cekete reacts to reports implicating the host of the show, Xolani Khumalo.

“While Moja LOVE can confirm that the crew was in the vicinity of the premises while the deceased was being questioned, the channel is still investigating the circumstances that led to the deceased having to allegedly be rushed to hospital. We will wait for the official autopsy results for the cause of death,” she said.

A video clip revealing protesters outside Moja Love TV offices in Rosebank, demanding the return of the show surfaced on social media and it has Mzansi divided.

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