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Xoli Mfeka and Samke’s absence confirmed

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Showmax Renews This Body Works For Me for a Second Season

Showmax has renewed This Body Works For Me for a second season, adding some new faces as stars Xoli Mfeka and Samke Nkwanyana will not be returning.

The reality series about the South African adult entertainment industry topped the charts on Twitter and Showmax during its first season, thanks to its mix of fun, drama, sisterhood and sexiness. The show will be premiering on 22 August 2023.

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In the Season 2 trailer, we get our first glimpse of Diamond, Dione Xanthe and Lebo.

Fans will remember Dione Xanthe, who made an appearance in Season 1 as Primadonna’s friend. She is an adult digital content creator from Bloemfontein who has been independent from a young age. “This Body Works For Me is a positive platform for women who are in the s*x work industry,” says Dione.

“It humanises us and shows people that we are just like them. We are often stigmatised and shunned so shows like this help with putting the message across about who we are as people and individuals to the world. I have been through a lot and I have survived a lot of things, so I think people will be inspired by my journey, especially young women who are going through something similar.”

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Diamond is a mother and stripper from Alexandra in Johannesburg, an empath who prides herself on being very calm. “I joined Season 2 because I want people to see the truth about being a stripper,” says Diamond.

“It is not just what you see at face value; we are real people, with real emotions and people who depend on us. We go through a lot. It is not an easy job. It is a craft that we work hard to perfect and I think people do not realise that. My biggest goal is to shed light on this industry and, maybe, hopefully, that might help someone else.”

Lebo, from Tembisa in the East Rand, is an aspiring farmer and the first trans woman on the show. “As a trans woman, I am already othered, so add the fact that I am also a s*x worker, it makes it way harder,” says Lebo.

“My aim for being on This Body Works For Me is to show people the trans experience. We all come in different shapes and sizes. No story is the same; every story is unique and every story deserves a platform. I hope to teach and make it easier for those who are coming after me.”

this body works for me sol phenduka tbwfm
‘This Body Works For Me’ season one cast members Image: Showmax/ Supplied

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The returning cast members also shared their hopes for this season. Bubbly plans to be more open this season, while also standing up for herself more.

“I am still the same bubbly person but I am learning to put my foot down more so that people do not take advantage of my kindness,” says Bubbly.

Gina is trying to be more peaceful this season. “I honestly tried to come in the new season with an open mind and an open heart,” says Gina. “I do not like how I lost some friendships last season; I want to get along more with the ladies and have a good time while building each other up.”

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Primadonna’s goal for this season is to grow and pursue the things she loves.

“In Season 1, people did not get to know me fully: I am a very chilled person that gets along with everyone,” she says.

“Because of how things happened last season, I was always on the defence. This year is different: you will still see drama but you will get to know me better.”

Wandi promises to still bring the fire in each episode.

“The Wandi in Season 1 is still who I am but I have grown up now. You will still see me but in a different light. I now try to understand other people more but if you come for me, I will come for you too. I respect people and all I want is just for them to respect me too.”


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