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Zandie Khumalo urges a critical examination of the South African film industry

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Zandie Khumalo says most actors in the South African film industry are being exploited

Zandie Khumalo is heartbroken and disappointed at the fee being paid to most actors in the South African film industry.

Taking to social media, the singer narrates how she was called for an acting role which she obliged, but she almost fainted after she was informed about the fee she would be paid.

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“Guys kunento engihluphayo and mina into mayingikhathaza ngiyayikhuluma, hhay ngeke guys our South African film industry needs a serious look into, I’m talking specifically about these soapies, telenovelas and series za daily/weekly,” she wrote.

“So I got a call from one of them weeks ago and said they had a role for me and I was like I’m not an actress but I’m willing to listen to them Hhaybo Zihlobo when we got to discuss the numbers I almost fainted as to what they pay per call.”

Zandie claims some of these actors are being exploited, as the fee she was offered wasn’t event enough for her hospitality rider at a show as a singer.

“I have a lot of friends who are actors and I dont wanna look down on anyone’s job but kune serious exploitation eyenzeka kwa acting 💔 The money they offered per call doesn’t even cover my hospitality rider at a gig…..guys I was shocked, obviously rates vary from lead actor, supporting actor, call actor, extra and all that but ngeke guys ngeke iphele i depression kubantu bakithi phela these shows eza ne fame e serious and i fame iza nama expectations kubantu,” she added.

“I don’t wanna attack ama executive producers ama shows but its obvious they make more money than the actual actors and its fine its their business and their concepts kodwa ngeke their going rates are ridiculous 💔 this got me to remember last year I got an email from one production house, they wanted me to perform one of my songs on a wedding they were going to have on the show and my office gave them a quote now I understand why I never heard back from them.”

“The reason I’m specifically talking about Telenovelas, series and soapies is because I know reality shows pay way better.”

Zandie further disclosed how she earned a decent fee for featuring on her sister, Kelly Khumalo’s reality show.

“I featured on Kelly’s last episode on her reality show last year and even though I’m not gonna tell u how much they paid for that 1 episode but I can tell u that I bought a car with that money, a descent car at that and I understand Telenovels and soapies cant pay that but they can do way better than this.”

“Yes nakwa Music sinezinkinga zethu notwayi lethu kodwa its better coz u set and design your own rates and if anivumelani awuyi period but the numbers engizizwe ka acting ziyathusa guys, u get told this is how much we are paying, I know ama levels awafani bakhona aba happy with what they get based on talent, experience and importance but …”

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