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Building Big Muscles: Prince Kaybee Urges Fans to Avoid Sending Nudes and Prioritize Hydration

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Prince Kaybee shares tips on how to get a buffed body

Kabelo Motsamai, professionally known as Prince Kaybee caused a stir after advising a fan on how to build big muscles.

The music producer has been consistent with his gym activities as seen on social media and he’s always updated fans on his workouts.

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He also shares videos and photos revealing his buffed body, which left a fan curious.

The fan asked Kaybee to share his routine on how he achieved building muscles in 5 weeks.

“Bro! You got buff like in 5 weeks! Share your routine please,” reads the tweet.

Prince Kaybee’s response caused a buzz on his timeline.

“Eat 6 times a day, gym twice a day, don’t send nudes and drink water,” he wrote.

Twitter users dragged him knowing that Kabelo’s nudes has been leaked by his former side chick.

Lol you used to send nudes prior?

“don’t send nudes”

Wabona Don’t send nudes is very important my heart was never so hurt. What do we thou, same meal 6x?

Gym twice a day??? That won’t help u with gains only will get u injured

Wena mara KB hao batle re lebale mos😭😭😭

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