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Controversy Arises as DJ Zan D Ranks South Africa’s Top 5 Lyricists

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DJ Zan D

DJ Zan D sparks controversy after sharing his top 5 South African lyricists.

Taking to his Facebook account, the DJ says the late ProKid tops the list, while rapper Reason sits on number 5.

1. ProKid
2. Stogie T
3. Proverb
4. Kwesta
5. Reason

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The list garnered over 200 comments as people suggested other SA rappers, while others invalidated the list.

However, Zan justified himself by stating that it is his personal preference.

“I know this might sound dumb but i put Kwesta above Stogie T, reason being that I cant relate n decode most of his bars. Proverb shud b kept off this list cos he no longer participates n i feel like its disrespectful to all active parties to put a former MC above them when they still keeping the culture alive. KO’s consitency n longevity shud be rewarded instead,” a comment reads.

In response, Zan D said, “… remember this list is personal preference. Stogie, just like Jay Z. I love having to work hard to decode his bars. Again, it’s a preference thing. Proverb is one of the greatest lyricist we’ve ever had. Until I get to hear someone better, he will stay on my list. K.O is great but this list is more about the raps.”

In defending Kwesta, he wrote, “Kwesta is way too creative lyrically for me. I just feel like a lot of bars goes over people’s heads because of the Kasi slang.”

Another Facebook user questioned the absence of Okmalumkoolkat on the list and the DJ replied with, “robably the coolest rapper in the game. He defines the culture, I have so much respect for him but my list is more about lyricists.”


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