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Katie and Lynn Embrace the Beauty of Aging

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Ageing and Women: A Discussion on the Outspoken Owls Podcast

By Katie Mohamed and Lynn Forbes

On the first episode of the Outspoken Owls podcast by Katie Mohamed and Lynn Forbes, the two discuss how ageing is predominantly weaponized against women, as well how women are often expected to be perfect and forced to “act their age”.

Ageing is a gift, and whether or not you’re aware it is a gift that many aren’t afforded. Because of the time we’re living in, the notion around age specifically towards women is not a kind one. Ageing is often used as a weapon by society and the media, so much so that many women today are on a desperate hunt to look younger by means of cosmetic surgery, chemical peels, facials and serums that have promised to erase time.

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On the topic of ageism, Katie expresses that she doesn’t want to age gracefully, instead she wants to age graciously.

“I don’t know much about ageing yet, but I want to age graciously not gracefully”, she said.

She continues by highlighting how men are often held to a different standard when it comes to getting older.

“I think I sometimes feel that ageing is when we were physically become weaker, but I also think we’re held to different standards than men”, Katie shares.

Lynn also shared her take on how women are forced to be perfect.

“When it comes to men they are actually are allowed to age, and they’re not given a hard time when it comes to growing older. But women on the other hand are expected to be perfect”, Lynn expressed.


In continuation the two friends than talk about how older women, don’t necessarily feel threatened or fazed by the process of ageing.

“Older women don’t have these age fears that we do”, Katie noted.

Lynn attributes this to societal pressure like social media being the root cause for many women’s fears of growing older.

“They obviously didn’t grow up in the same era as us, we however have to deal with social media, and pressures put on women to show up in certain ways”, she expressed.

Katie Mohamed and Lynn Forbes hosts of the Outspoken Owls podcast. Image via Instagram (@outspokenpodcast)
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