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Nasty C Reveals the Artistic Cover of His Latest Album

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Nasty C and his family

Nasty C unveils his new album art cover and it got fans drooling.

The rapper used a photo of himself, his lover, Sammie Heavens, and their son Oliver as the art cover.

I Love it Here album drops in 9 days and Nasty is hyped about it.

Slikour endorsed the album, as he claimed to have listened to its tracks.

“Heard the album and boy oh boy I was in my emotions. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Too much,” he wrote.

In August, Nasty C opened up about how fatherhood influences his music career.

“Fatherhood has made me take my career a bit more seriously. I’ve always taken it seriously but I’ve always put fun in the forefront. I’ve always been the type of guy to say once this thing stops being fun I’m going to stop doing it. Now it’s not like that any more. I’m trying to make music that will last forever more than ever. I want to leave something behind that he’s going to be very proud of.”

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“I’ve been taking far better care of myself. Mentally, emotionally, physically. There’s a lot of undoing just from the way I was raised, so that when he looks at me and absorbs the things I say and do, he takes all the right stuff.

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