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Unfortunate News: DJ Zinhle expresses exhaustion after “Thula” is taken off streaming platforms

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DJ Zinhle laments about the struggle of having her song, “Thula” featuring Cici, back on some major streaming platforms

DJ Zinhle reveals how she’s been struggling to have Thula back on streaming platforms.

The DJ released the single featuring Cici in June 2023, but the song is currently unavailable on some platforms.

Over the past weeks, the two women have invested time and money in promoting the song; they toured radio stations and consistently posted on social media platforms.

Taking to Twitter, Zinhle says she’s exhausted from her current struggle with ensuring the song is available for streaming.

She directed fans to other streaming platforms where they can get the song.

I’m exhausted…. I don’t know why #Thula is not available on Apple Music & iTunes.. we are figuring it out. Never had to fight so much for a song ay… It’s available on other platforms,” the DJ wrote.

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